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We Can Be An Amateur Journalist!

First question is, who is amateur journalist?
How can i say that all of us can be an amateur journalist?

Well, in my opinion, amateur journalist is the person who catch anything around him with camera or other devices and publish it publicly even in any platform even whatsapp, facebook, youtube, etc. It is reasonable that we often receive some documentary videos via social media from our friends because they had received those video from another friends and share them again. And of course, we will share them to another but actually it depends of us. Someone was exactly catched or took a video in somewhere, and after that he/she share the video to other person, so other people will share it again and again. But, sometimes, the video that we take will back to us again and it's so funny. LOL.

All of us can be an amateur journalist if we take some picture or video and share it to another people. And yeah! We're already being an amateur journalist!


Alright! This writing is very bad because there are a lot of grammatically errors. I hope to you, the readers, to give me some suggestions, evaluations or corrections to my weird writing. I hope so much.

Thank You!