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How Interesting is Sociology?

I am oftenly asked, "Sociology? What kind of major is that?", with cynical expression. Many people underestimate Sociology as they think that Sociology is not as famous as accountancy, civil engineering, or other prominent major in Indonesia. Sometimes, I feel upset due to their underesimating behaviour. They did not know that sociology is an important discipline which can teach people to understand themselves from any perspective, know deeply their problems and solve their solutions. The problems are the facts that they do not know the essence of Sociology as a knowledge and they do not want to know. I am not sure, but in abroad, Sociology can be the most favourite major that people want to learn. This condition has urged me to give more understanding regarding to Sociology for Indonesian throuh my works like this blog, my videos on YouTube, also my podcast.

Sociology is really interesting. Studying this major will impact to your mind. You will easily aware to any social condition like conflicts, system, norm, value, etc. You will feel uncomfortable if you see anything incorrect around you, for instance, violence or kind of violation in your community, unstable political system which can affect to society's life, or worst community service. So, with your sociological tought, you will conduct some research for further development of your community. Quite challenging, right? And you still argue that sociology is a rubbish thing in people's life? You must be joking!

Oh, I see... You must think that you can not earn money if you were granted degree from Sociology major. You are totally wrong! If you are a pragmatic person who is always thinking about how to earn much money, you might still be able to earn money as much as you want eventhough your major is sociology. You can be a lecturer, researcher in any research institution or government, and you will be paid. But, being a sociologist not just being paid, man! Being Sociologists is more than being paid. They can make a great change in society. By their research, a poor community can be a good quality society. This is the great value of understanding this mother of social sciences.

Nowadays, people's interests in overcoming social problems are tend to be decreased due to some reasons. Perhaps, the first reason is that they are always prioritizing their needs, and ignoring other people's nessecities. Therefore, you will see many people in governments are oftenly corruputing state's money because they just think about their needs. They need money then they steal by corrupting. Such occassion is only a simple real example.

To be continued...