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The Most Effective Way To learn English

Learning English might be important for some people due to their certain purposes, for instance, study abroad, or getting a job in other countries. For me, learning English is crucial for anyone either old or young people in the world because of inevitability for them to face the global condition which really need to use English in communication, especially for Indonesian. Why for Indonesian? In my opinion, a lot of people in Indonesia might need to be taught how to speak English or at least they know that learning English is important for them. Such condition might complicate them to communicate with foreign people due to their inability to speak English and the opportunity to compete with other country perhaps will tend to be very small. Therefore, in any sectors like education, economy, law, politics, and so on, Indonesian must be able to compete many developed countries all over the world.

Regarding to learning English, I have some tips which, perhaps, are able to make you feel easy, comfortable and effective to learn English and I will explain them below.

First, you must prepare yourself to study English. At least, you must have a big motivation to learn English, whatever it takes. How to have such motivation? Just look at yourself! If You find yourself that you can not understand English or even just speaking in English, then you need to learn English. You have two choices, being a smart person or being fooled by other person who are smarter than you;

Second, after you motivate yourself, it is necessary for you to recognise your weakness in English. For example, you realize that your grammar need to be improved, or you need to have reading skill, and so on;

One of learning activities at
an English course institution at
English Village (Kampung Inggris) Pare Kediri
Third, choose an appropriate place to learn English! There are many course institutions in Indonesia. I recommend you to take English course at English Village (Kampung Inggris) Pare Kediri. You might have effective time, and good circumstances for study because your class will hold every day eventhough generally will be held from monday to friday. Also, you will meet a lot of people with similar purposes to you with high motivation to master English. No wonder if you can meet with people who talk in English when you walk, or sometimes you will see some learning activities during you walk through this village. Improving your speaking will be faster when you decide to live in an English camp because you will be conditioned in a dormistory with full English area and completed with the rules which is really help you to speak English more and more. And the last, the costs are quite affordable. Taking courses in Kampung Inggris might be chaper than any well-known english course institutions outside Kampung Inggris. Not only the courses price but also living expenses is cheap enough for students or anyone who wants to learn English. You do not need to spend more than 1 million Rupiah for a course. You only need to pay in apporximately Rp 140.000 for a two-weeks program like speaking, grammar, listening and so on. And if you feel hungry, you just need to spend at least Rp 6.000 for a meal. Quite affordable, right? However, the registration for courses in any institutions in Kampung Inggris is only begun at 10 or 25 every month. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself, your time and your money. The important thing is that you can effectively spend your time because you live in learning English atmosphere, and learn English every day;

Fourth, Prepare your study aids like dictionary (Oxford or Longman), notebook, pen or pencils, eraser and so on, depend on your own necessities in study;

Fifth, Be a dilligent person. Come early! Wake up eraly at morning! Do a simple sport at morning! Do many exercises at night or you can learn and discuss together with your classmates about your lesson at morning!

Sixth, Continue to train your English every day! You can speak with other people by English in any occassion, or you can write your daily activities on your notebook by English every night before your sleep. Do not forget to consult your English improvement to your tutors. Also, you can listen more to English podcasts every morning, or at least listen to English songs.

By doing those tips, I guarantee you will master English in about 4 months. Do not forget that learning a language is not an instant proccess. You need to study hard and perhaps give more concern to your study. Leave anything that can interfere your leraning proccess.

At last, I hope this article can help you more to understand that learning English is crucial for your lif in the future. Also, learning English can be done without expensive costs and more effective because you study English every day in a place that provide every day learning for you.